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Linkusol Technologies is a software development and technology solutions provider. We serve the customer by providing innovative, robust and cost-effective solutions to deliver their business goals in today’s challenging environment.

We Are a Company of Passionate Designers and Developers


Customer Satisfaction

We specialise in going the extra mile for our customers. We make a concerted effort to understand what you need and we work hard to provide that service to you.

Service Location

We are based in Pune, India but our focus is on the international demographic. We understand what the needs & desires of our foreign customers are so we can build websites & apps that work well for everyone.



We are a team of highly motivated engineers, who have deep expertise in building scalable and robust solution using Flutter and Java. We have an extensive experience in designing high quality products that are well suited to the specific requirements of our clients.


We are building a next-gen social media platform to find like minded people. Our vision is to create an online community that connects people with similar interests and goals, based on their activity data. To know more Visit

Work with us

Our vision is to work with our clients and professional on  a long term relationship, so that we can deliver the best solutions that not only meet their requirements but also enhance their business. We are a team of professionals who believes in good quality.

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